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1.  Your skin is the largest organ of the human body.

The human body is engineered with exquisite intelligence. Our skin being the largest organ, must be properly supported from the outside and inside.  Taking care of our body with healthy eating, necessary supplements and exercise will be noticeable in how our skin functions. Three things happen to tissues and organs when the cells are saturated with oxygen;

Detoxification–In addition to outside chemical toxins, the body’s own natural metabolism creates toxins that accumulate within tissues and organs. Pure oxygen treatments accelerate the detoxification process.

Healing–Once detoxified and oxygenated, tissues can rapidly heal.

Regeneration–Cells are now released from toxins and able to reproduce much more healthy than before.

2.  You should get a facial every 4 -6 weeks.

Why? After over 25 years of treating clients skin, I am totally convinced by the proof from the results my clients have achieved. When we are young our skin is plump, vibrant, and without wrinkles. That’s because our skin renews itself every 28-30 days.By the time we reach our mid 30’s our skin metabolism has slowed the cycle to every 8-12 weeks. And continues to slow as we age.Our skin becomes dull, sluggish, lacking in vibrancy and decreasing in amounts of collagen ans elastin. A proper treatment program ensures our skin will be properly exfoliated, stimulated and nourished therefore boosting circulation and cell turnover. I urge you to compare your skin with other women your age who receive regular professional treatments.

You will see the difference.

Remember….aging skin/sun damage is cumulative and so is skin detoxification, healing and regeneration.

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